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Sunday, June 29, 2014

I made the choice -- my journey to change the inside continues

I have decided that I am frustrated with the fact that I sometimes act in a passive-aggressive manner. That stops.

My journey to peace, harmony and a better world begins!
Beginning July 1st if something is bothering me I will address the issue directly and respectfully with the person or persons. Each of us has an opinion regarding every subject in the world, every issue on the planet.

No two people are ever going to think alike. I respect that. I will not judge you based on your opinion. I expect the same in return.

Is it ever right to judge someone? Is disagreeing with someone judgement? Is removing someone from your life because their opinions are hurtful to you judgement? Although you respect someone's right to have an opinion, if it hurts your heart when they say or do hurtful or hateful things and you remove them from your life, is that judgement?

In the past I have not spoken my mind. I have simply become angry and in my passive-aggressive way removed myself from the situation. Even when people say things in a kind manner they often times do not realize how hurtful or hate-filled those words can be. They do not realize how deeply those words affect you. They do not realize how deeply their actions cut you. And I wonder, do they care?

After much soul searching I have decided to become an ordained minister. I want to be able to reach out to people with my own thoughts and words and not be judged by those who believe I am not a real Christian because I accept all sinners into my life. And there are things that some consider sin that I do not consider sin. There are things they consider choices that I do not consider choices.

I see so much hatred and injustice in this world. I'm exhausted with the burden and I want to change my tiny corner of the world. This means I can no longer be a passive-aggressive individual and I need to learn to communicate as an adult, not as a child.

And such begins another journey to self-discovery.