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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Power of Maybe -- Think about it

Last year my husband got very very sick and was in the hospital for 11 days on IV antibiotics in January. In April 2013 he had an operation to remove 25% of his large intestine. He's fine now, very healthy, but it threw me off completely.

I was already in therapy for an unrelated issue due to my health problems but after that scare I had severe anxiety about leaving him alone. I was home for 2 week on FMLA to care for him and when I went back I was worried about his wound dressing, would he eat properly, could he get to the bathroom, would he need help in the bathroom...all kinds of things.

I expressed all these concerns to my therapist and she gave me a hand-out called "The Power of Maybe" and in a nutshell it says when you start to get all riled up and anxious about something, stop and think. Ask yourself, "This could happen" (the bad thing) but MAYBE "That could happen instead" (the good thing). 

"The Power of Maybe" has proven to work for me on the majority of occasions when I find myself getting anxious or ready to have a full on panic attack.

Next time you feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious try sitting down and using "The Power of Maybe"

As always...CHEERS!
Rachael Monaco