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Friday, February 7, 2014

Only 3 more days until weight loss surgery!

Today is February 7, 2014 -- and I am 3 days away from my weight loss surgery. I am excited and scared all at the same time. I had my final weigh in at the office on Monday, Feb. 3 and it's been a whirlwind since!

The Berries are hiding something!
There were a few items I had to pick up and food I had to buy for the 2 weeks post-op --- if you can call juice and broth and sugar-free gelatin food. I'll be on all liquids and whey protein powder for 2 weeks. Good think I started getting used to the protein drinks 2 weeks ago! I bought an ebook -- Do Anything with Protein Powder that I found on YUM Eating and I'm loving it. Of course, post-op my protein drinks will be 4 ounces of unflavored, unsweetened almond milk and just protein powder, but let me tell you -- the book is worth having -- and it's a steal at 99¢!

This was not an easy choice to make and it's not a miracle cure. This weight loss surgery is merely a stepping stone to a better life. After surgery the rest is up to me. I need to keep eating healthy, I need to keep exercising, I need to keep positive and banish the negative from my life as much as possible. I know there are foods I will need to avoid, probably forever, but I choose to see it as "I choose not to eat...." rather than "I can't eat...."

I'll be in the hospital overnight -- some people end up staying for 3 days, but I plan on being a good girl and getting out of there ASAP! I'll be up and walking around 6 hours after surgery, or so I'm told -- which is fine with me!

I may not get another chance to post anything past today, but as soon as I am able I will let you know how things went and how I'm doing!

Until then...CHEERS!
Rachael Monaco