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Monday, February 17, 2014

Had gastric sleeve surgery a week ago today -- update

One week ago today I had gastric sleeve surgery, aka weight loss surgery. How do I feel? Surprisingly I feel amazing.

I'm a little tired of the liquid diet and on Saturday I was miserable and went on a 60 minute crying jag. But I have no pain left, occasional discomfort but that's about it. I have my one week follow up with my doctor tomorrow.

Interestingly enough another health condition I have isn't so well managed right now. I suffer from Meniere's disease. It's not so much a disease as a syndrome or a chronic condition. For me, its managed with a delicate balance of medication, diet, exercise, medication and fluid intake. Stress plays a huge factor in Meniere's and that causes panic attacks which only makes the flare ups worse. 

Well, my diet is off, I can't exercise yet, I have to take my medications in steps so it's taking time for them to work as a cohesive unit. And yes, having panic attacks for a variety of reasons. It's not pleasant and I battle it every day. 

I promise to get some recipes up soon. I'm still on liquids and looking at food isn't high on my priority list right now! I hope this post finds YOU happy and healthy!

As always...cheers!
Rachael Monaco