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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Gastric Sleeve surgery - one week post-discharge from the hospital

I fussed, I fretted, I worried, I obsessed -- it's my nature and yes, I'm OCD. So, what happened at my first visit with the doctor after gastric sleeve surgery? Please note: this is not an endorsement for gastric sleeve surgery, no one is paying me to write this blog and no two patients are the same and everyone's experience with the surgery is different. That being said!

I lost 14.1 pounds in the first week -- now, I don't think this is typical because when I was discharged the doctor said he wanted me to lose 10 pounds THIS month -- from 2-10-14 through 2-28-14. I'm not sure if 2 pounds a day is what happens with everyone.

I loaded up on protein drinks. Well, not loaded up. The post-op instructions for the first two weeks say to get 60g to 80g (for females) from your protein drinks each day. So, I had 4 a day. One powder s 25g protein per scoop, the other is 20g. I alternated them and came up with 100g of protein per day. Plus low sodium V8, watered down apple juice, clear broth, strained cream soups, sugar-free popsicles and sugar-free Jell-O. You sip all day long starting with 1 ounce. They want you to be able to get down 6 ounces an hour. By the middle of week one I was able to do that and by the first post-discharge I was able to do 8 ounces.

Week 2 -- it's almost over! I'm on mainly liquids still with a mix of pureed foods and a smidgen of soft foods. I'm doing well! I even went to the "Y" yesterday and walked on the treadmill for 10 minutes at a low-moderate speed, but no incline. I walked all over Walmart too!

Week 3 will continue with some liquids -- Protein drinks, V8, watered down apple juice (gotta get your veggies and fruits some way!) pureed food (so far I like sweet potato and avocado and cream of wheat) and soft foods (cottage cheese, scrambled egg or egg whites).

Week 4 continue pretty much week 3 then I see the doctor again to see if I can progress to some chicken, tuna and fish. Ham and pork are on the list, but I don't eat those. I'll probably reintroduce beans like chickpeas and pink beans because I see refried beans on that list. I make all my own bean things from dried beans, nothing canned.

Remember this, PLEASE! No two patients are the same! EVERY doctor has their own protocol! They are similar but each doctor will make determinations of how you will progress based on YOU and YOUR recovery and the type of surgery the perform! This is NOT medical advice, it is simply MY experience!

As always...CHEERS!!!
Rachael Monaco