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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day Two and Three post op -- what a difference 24 hours makes!

Yesterday (Wednesday) was my first full day home from the hospital post gastric sleeve surgery. It was a mixed bag day -- good, bad, ugly. Some pain but I had my trusty liquid Loratab to keep that at bay. Surprisingly, I only needed two doses (15mL each). One when I woke up in pain at 3am and one at bed time at 10pm -- which was more preemptive than actual pain.
Harley Doodle Big Cat
This guy kept me company a lot yesterday. This is my baby -- a 6 year old, 20 pound rag doll named Harley. Yeah, he's that big. Stretched out he's about 2 feet tall from tail to nose. Of course, he thinks he's a lap cat. Tuesday and Wednesday he wasn't happy with me. When I got home Tuesday he pretty much ignored me for a couple hours then came sniffing around to find out what was up. Then he tried to crawl in my lap.

After pleading and begging and gently pushing him off he finally got the hint and settled into the chair next to me and let me rub his tummy and pet him. All is good between mommy and Harley. And so Tuesday went. Pain, gagging down the protein drink, keeping Harley off my lap.

Wednesday was my first full day home and it kind of sucked. I won't lie to you, weight loss surgery is no joke. I'm not going to run around advocating it, but...and this is a big but, much like my butt, if it's a choice between your life and death, I recommend speaking to your doctor and doing your homework. It took me 10 years to come to a decision -- and I finally did it only because the gastric sleeve was the least invasive. I have one small cut in my chest (and I mean TINY) and three small cuts on my abdomen. Not even stitched, just surgical glue. 

Most of the pain came in the form of a "chest heaviness" where my stomach is and the line of staples. I have been putting ice packs on that and the pain has reduced to mild discomfort. I've been resting and not doing much (as you can see!) but all in all, God bless! I'm doing pretty damn good. 

While I was a patient on the surgical floor I did see, and hear, a lot of patients in much more pain than I. This makes me feel bad to say this, but an observation I made was that of six or seven of us on the floor I was the "smallest" patient. I was also the only on out of bed within 6 hours (like you're supposed to be) and walking. And I was the only one discharged the next day. Most of my comrades-in-arms were still in bed and in severe pain. It made me sad.

Gagging down the God awful protein powder has been a challenge. I bought two kinds and only one I am able to use. The other, no matter how much milk and water I add to's gritty and it's just not nice. So, I switched back to the one that isn't all that bad. It's only 20g protein vs. 25g protein per scoop, but I can actually get down a couple of ounces an hour 3 days post op. The other one I was lucky to get an ounce down -- and that was with a considerable amount of gagging. So....better to use the one I can get down than the one I can't right?

Enough for now! I have so much more to share and I promise to share the good, bad and the downright ugly! So far the ugliest was my reaction to the anesthesia (UGH!!!) and the pain, which on a scale from one to ten for me was at it's worst a seven, and that wasn't for very long. Generally it was around a 2 or 3 -- and that was just pretty much discomfort, not actual pain.

Until next time....CHEERS!
Rachael Monaco