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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Yummy awesome custom-made mixed veggie blends!

I love vegetables -- at least 60% of my grocery budget goes to produce of all kinds. But, I do not like canned vegetables at all. Too much sodium - and because of my Meniere's I am super low sodium. And I'm not a fan of frozen mixed vegetables or many frozen vegetables. So, I set out to make my own mixed vegetable blends.

A lot of the vegetable blends I find in the freezer section are expensive, and at places like Aldi's and Save-a-Lot the selection is limited. That's fine, because it saves me money on my basic frozen veggie necessities, but I need variety. That's when I started making my own, custom-made mixed vegetable blends!

Here's a photo of last night's creation and you can find out more about combining vegetables to get the perfect blend in my Cooking Examiner column --> Custom made mixed vegetable blends.
Yummy veggies from last night's dinner

Never be afraid to experiment! It's your life, it's your health and you need to eat what you like, but you'll never know what you may or may not like unless you try it!

Rachael Monaco