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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Photos! Food Photos from Jan. 10, 2014

Yesterday I promised photos of the lovely breakfast my husband made for me -- the newly named Eggs Monaco -- click the link to get the recipe! EASY!!!

I managed to locate the cable to my camera (it was right in front of my face, DUH!) and have the photos I took to share! I also have photos of the veggie blend mix I made for dinner last night. I thought I would share them in one post -- so here they are!

Eggs Monaco

Eggs Monaco -- I like a runny yolk

I'll post the photos of the veggie blend here now, and will have the "recipe" up later. I always like to combine fresh and frozen veggies to make my own blends because there are so few frozen veggies that I like and I do like mixed vegetables, just not the frozen or canned kinds!

Yummy mixed veggies!

Mixed veggies my way!

Fresh and frozen veggies creation

Last night was a better night -- I did get some sleep and I feel pretty good today. Going to try to make it out the door to the YMCA to exercise a little bit. But first, breakfast, coffee and medications. And recipes!

Rachael Monaco