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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Just another manic Thursday?'s just my life -- Cats, Birds, Kids, Food

This morning started with a bird in the house. Yeah, I know...and it was a black bird. Where does a bird come from on a FREEZING cold day? I don't know but the cats FREAKED out and the bird ended up in the ceiling. We live in an apartment so we're assuming it either ended up in someone else's apartment or it found its way out. Either way, an hour later the cats are still "on watch".
Fred was on watch this morning
If I were to believe superstition I'd think this was a portent of death, but I'm not and it's a new day. I'll have some more recipes coming your way later. Some may not be the healthiest in the world, but if you're like our family used to be, what you cook at home at least be more healthy than what you'll stop for at a big chain burger place or the local pizza joint or the canned or frozen stuff you pick up as convenience food.
Ethel and Fred -- brother and sister -- the dynamic duo
I'm about to begin my day. I've got lots to do today and hoping that my sinuses will stop draining and the room will stay still for a bit so I can get some exercise in today. Also, oh joy....waiting for the landlord to call and tell us when our new-to-us stove will arrive. I wish he would just buy us a stove made in THIS century so he didn't have to replace them every 2 years. I cook all the time, I don't think he gets that.
Rodney was on patrol this morning too
Those are the three on duty this morning when the bird flew in the house. Yep, I live with TWO black cats. And they are sweetest babies in the world. These three are my grand kitties because they are my sons' cats. Fred and Ethel belong to my older who lives out of state right now. The babies (they just turned a year old in October) belong to my younger son who lives at home.
This is Peanut -- she's a Daddy's girl!

This is Harley Big Cat -- he's a 20 pound Rag Doll
So, this is my life! It's crazy, it's quiet, it's crazy, it's wonderful and I love it! I hope you enjoyed a peek at my life today.

Rachael Monaco