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Monday, January 27, 2014

Good morning! Only two weeks until gastric sleeve surgery!

Good morning! I have my medical clearance appointment with my primary care doctor today at 2:30pm ET. Nervous? YES! Though I do have a wonderful doctor and I know he has been encouraging me every step of the way.
Our wedding day July 1998 - pretty close to my heaviest

Easter 2008 -- probably at my heaviest

November 2009 -- still at my heaviest

August 2013 - down 60 pounds!

December 2013 -- down 72 pounds!

My pre-admission testing was last week and it was okay. It seemed as if there was a lot of confusion, and simply because I asked to go to the hospital a mile from my home rather than the hospital on the other side of town. Both hospitals are in the same network and you can pull up the test results easily from hospital to hospital, but apparently it was "a hassle" to schedule me at one because I'm having surgery at the other. In all honesty,'s not a hassle. I work for this health system and I pull up patient's test results done at other hospitals in the network all the time. It's not a hassle. And I didn't appreciate being told by the scheduler that it was. But...stay positive!

My blood pressure is normal without medications. My blood sugars are well within the GREAT range. My Meniere's syndrome has been insane, but I'm guessing that with the crazy weather patterns added to stress added to exercising and trying to figure out how to stay properly and adequately hydrated it will work itself out eventually. Just keep taking my medications and vitamins and drinking my water!

I had a sleep study done recently and it shows I have mild apnea. My neurologist and I reviewed it together and he said that we'll retest n 6 months and determine then if I need a CPAP machine. Until then, he says it's not an issue and it will probably go away when I lose even more weight. So - THERE! LOL!

From my initial weight at my doctor visit on Feb. 4, 2013 I am down 72 pounds. I fully expect to be at my goal weight in 18 months. For the first time in many, many, many years I am even optimistic that my "dream weight" is in sight somewhere down the road.

Cheers! Here's to being Fifty and Fabulous (I've got 3-1/2 years to get there!)

Rachael Monaco